Fees & prices

FREE QUOTES: we do not charge a fee for a brief initial telephone or email enquiry or a quote request by telephone or email.

Our fees and prices, we believe, are very competitive. If you'd like to arrange an initial one-hour consultation to explore how we can help you with your creative project, please contact us to arrange a one-on-one meeting. Alternatively, we can call you back for a telephone conference.

Please note that we charge a modest fee for the time involved in this initial consultation. For a face-to-face conference, the fee is $30 per half-hour or part thereof, with an additional $20 call-out surcharge if we visit you (available Melbourne Metro Area only). For a telephone call-back the fee is $15 per quarter-hour or part thereof. Unless otherwise negotiated, we require payment in advance by credit card. This initial fee will be deducted from your account with us if you decide to use our services for your project.

Some of our services do not require any initial consultation (e.g. slide/photo scanning) and you can download a pricelist/orderform with further information for these services.

Our fees and charges ($AU, excluding GST) may change without notice.